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I'd lay my guts out but they're to small to see... [entries|friends|calendar]

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goodbye to you... [31 Dec 2004|06:24pm]
new journal
sn:patheticcliche...add me if ya wants.
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me and amandas convo [30 Dec 2004|08:40pm]
[ mood | amused ]

demented5yearold: its all good we all whore something up
AgentNerdActs420: and like last night she never asked if she could go on her computer she just went
AgentNerdActs420: yeah i'll claim you
demented5yearold: lol
AgentNerdActs420: im amandas whore
demented5yearold: lmao
demented5yearold: lol
demented5yearold: hell yes
demented5yearold: im arinas whore
AgentNerdActs420: :-*
demented5yearold: ooo yea baby
AgentNerdActs420: fo sheeze
demented5yearold: i wanna bang u on up against the wall on the bathroom floor
AgentNerdActs420: hellz ya baby
AgentNerdActs420: shhh you cant tell ne one tho
demented5yearold: lol i wont
demented5yearold: we can film it too
AgentNerdActs420: hell ya one night in an arina
AgentNerdActs420: wait wait wait
AgentNerdActs420: correction
AgentNerdActs420: arena***
demented5yearold: lol yea
demented5yearold: lol
demented5yearold: one night in an arena
AgentNerdActs420: ::sighs:: great great
demented5yearold: thats kick ass
We are little sick people....
love ya sick fucks

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Fo sheeze my neeze... [30 Dec 2004|07:08pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

Bored as fuck.
Nothing to do.
Thinking about life.
And how it sucks.
I love Rainbows.
They're so pretty.
Don't hate on the rainbows...bitches.
Talking to Erin.
Waiting for someone *special* to get on.
Anybody want to IM me.
Please IM couldnt be more bored.
My pants are wet.
No i did not pee myself.
Wonder if Nick is mad at me.
Isin't talking to me.
Maybe I should IM him...
Peace out homie fizzles.
Mad love mad love...yo diggidy.
p.s.new saying. "Gangsta Pimp!" dont hate.I got bored to today and i was acting like Eminem with my bling bling singing to Queen:I want to break free.I am hella freakish.Hey thats a cool word.Hella.
pp.s.Probably boring ya better go.

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loook at muah pet... [30 Dec 2004|01:01am]
[ mood | i gotta tinkle...really bad. ]

my pet!

hellz ya the name from WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY...bitches!!!!!!!

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Some quiz thingy...thing mabobber!! [29 Dec 2004|11:41pm]
[ mood | amused ]

-sex: Female
-birthday: 9/29
-favorite color: black,hot pink, and neon green...bitches!!
-sign: Libras...what what!!
-place of birth:Yokohama, Japan
-current residence: San Deigo,Ca...So-Cal word up!!!
-eye color: Hazel Green
-height: 5'5
-writing hand: lefty...haha word up leftys!!

-do you bite your nails: uh no
-can you roll your tongue: yup
-can you blow smoke rings: na
-can you blow spit bubbles: oh no im not that pro yet
-can you cross your eyes: hellz yessums
-tattoos and where: none yet bizzop
-do you make your bed daily: na only when ihave to or im bored
-what's sexiest on a guy: eyes,personality,and sense of humor
-what's sexiest on a girl: everything...no.
-do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it: who the hell cuts there spaghetti?
-what utensils do you use eating pizza: my bear hands bitch
-do you cook: yup if cereal and toast counts

-how often do you brush your teeth: uh....like i dont really know.
-do you shower/bathe: yup every nigh....rubber duckie time!!
-how long do these showers last: 20-30...i like water.
-hair drying method: just leave it im not a "hair" person.
-do you pee in the shower: fuck yeah and i love the smell of it too...jk.
-what color is your bedroom: hot pink bitches its pimp
-do you use an alarm clock: yup or my ass would never be out of bed.
-name four things or people you're obsessed with: music, my friends, the computer, and...you.
-what's your sleeping position: all over the place.
-what kind of bed do you like: water beds...sry.
-in hot weather do you use a blanket:hellz no i just go naked...jk.
-do you sleepwalk: not that i know of.
-do you talk in your sleep: na just snore...shhh.
-do you sleep with a light on: i do when i'm reading and i fall asleep.
-do you fall asleep with the TV or radio: um radio...gotta love my bedtime tunes.
watched bambi: oh dude like a month ago bambi is pimp.
cried: last night.
talked on the phone: today,with joy and lindizzle.
read a book: um last night.

is music important to you: fuck yeah one of the most importnant things in my life biotch.
do you sing: yup and dance, the whole shibang.I dont care if i cant even sing good.
what instruments do you play: little bit of guitar and um wee bit of piano.
what do you think of Eminem: his songs are halarious but im not going to run out and buy his cds.
in your opinion what band is the best of all time: Atreyu bitches and you know it!!!

pop music: not to fond of it
punk music: hellz ya especially street punk and 70's.
rap music: no talking about being a pimp and beating some girls cheek doesnt really spark my interest.
hip-hop/RB: not really.
country: some country songs are just sooo freakin halarious.
jazz: not really.
classical: hellz ya.
new age: fuck ya Enya bitches!!!
hardcore: Hellz ya man.
indie rock: you know it
emo: Hell ya emo one of the best music of all time.
Could you live without the computer?: Noooooooo way.
What's your favorite fruit?: mango or kiwi
What hurts the most? Physical or emotional pain?:For me its emotional cause physical can go away but emotional pain can be there for life.
Of times you have had your heart broken?: never really had a "real" relationship before.
Of hearts you have broken?: none.
Of girls kissed?: um well 1
Of boys kissed?: i dunno.
Of drugs taken illegally?: im not to fond of drugs.
Of tight friends?: um 3 that i can count.
Of CD's owned: a fuck load.
Of scars on my body?: uh alot i cannot count.

-ARE YOU A...-
Wuss: um not really only at some things i am.
Homosexual: dont really know yet.its questionable.
Druggie: um nope like i said before im not really to fond of drugs.
Gang member: Hellz no
Daydreamer: Yup daydream all the time especially when im alone.
Alcoholic: maybe....
Freak: hellz ya look at me...biotch!!!
Brat: um not really...well i know im not i dont know what other people think of me.
Sarcastic: Fuck yeah all the time.
Goody-goody: Uh...no far from it.
Angel: No im not no prim and perfect little fuck head.
Devil: Yes yes yes
Friend: To many.
Shy: only when it comes to guys i like.
Adventurous: yes i am...i guess.
Intelligent: Sure about some stuff.

Your best feature [personality]: um outgoing,funny kinda(thats what people tell me),spunky, dont really care what people think ouf me.
Most annoying thing you do: haha i always slap my sister and she hates it its soo fun cause it bugs the living shit out of her.
Biggest mistake you've made this far: wow um they'res to many to count.
Describe your personality in one word: spunky
A smell that makes you smile: Old spice baby im in love with that shit.
A city you'd like to visit: New York...just cause CbGb's and its New York!!!
A drink you order most often: Orange Soda best drink in the world bitches.
The music you prefer while alone: hardcore,screamo, alternative, punk...wadda wadda wadda.
A TV show you watch regularly: Um... Will and Garce or Battle for Ozzfest baby.

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My day my day [29 Dec 2004|06:45pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Wow it was pretty interesting.

I woke up,took a shower, got dressed, watched alittle bit of tv until Lindsay called me to tell me she was ready and to get over to her house. So i grabbed all my shit and left and walked half way from Joy's house to go get her, got her had a feeling of not wanting to go to the mall so i went down the other street and sat down infront of a house for a little bit and took pictures,but i didn't want to disappoint my friends so i went over to lindsays house we went to the mall and outside of best buy there was a really cool rainbow so i took a picture of it (i'll have to load it on my computer and put it on there)and in best buy Lindsay bought me the Himsa cd...hellz ya bitches it rocks like a mother fucker and then we actually went inside the mall and we went to black wax, then to starbucks, then to hottpoic and i got these really cool sun glasses with big ass rims and a wristband that says "rock the art" instead of "livestrong" and its black,so now im over at Ashleys house and me and kayla were acting like fruits.

I'll have to upload some pictures and put them on here so u fucks can see them.

Love ya's


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[29 Dec 2004|06:38pm]
[ mood | crazy ]


Hellz Ya bitches thats my sexy ass!!!

jk you guys.



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Oh yeah check this shit out... [28 Dec 2004|03:21am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Norman Rockwell all the way...its soooo cool.
Love yas ::blows kisses::

Peace love and unity...flower power mother fuckers.

p.s.Hippies are so cool...except the whole get high bit im not to fly with.
How the fuck do i put pictures on here...someone please tell me!!

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I Fucking hate having a cold.... [27 Dec 2004|01:44pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

Dude this day sucks. I woke up and behold i have a fucking cold and i can barley breath.

Ok well I have a new layout isint it spiffy...i couldnt find anything to put on it so i just found this spiffy one with trees,spunky aint it?

So what did i do today...i went to the bank with my mom then we went to the bread store and then after that we went to Targhetto. Thats about it...not very interesting.

New year's eve concert is this friday with Atreyu,Bleeding Through,As i lay dying, and more...i want to go. But i doubt my sister would take me.
"I lay in space,choked by my own air."

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"I'm as fake as a widow's smile..." [26 Dec 2004|06:52pm]
[ mood | artistic ]


Yes it's true Arina finally got the internet back.

Well my Christmas kinda sucked...my sister was gone all day hanging out with her friends and i spent most of it being mad at her for doing that.Im over it tho.

I have a new obsession...and it's rainbows.

I don't know why i just do...theyre cool looking...
"You're the trash that infects my sheets..."

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Dang lonnnnnngggggggggggg time no update... [24 Dec 2004|06:33pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Im over at my aunts house for the "traditional" x-mas eve dinner.

So nothing much is up with me, I'm low on sleep because i went to bed at 3 o'clock and i couldnt sleep until 4 and then i woke up at 4:30, tried to sleep,couldnt so i read Revolution on canvas" and feel asleep at with my light on until i woke up at 6 to turn it off. So after all that i only really go like 3 hour sleep because at 8 i woke up to get ready to go X-mas shopping with my dad.So that was my niffty day.

Im so excited i think im going over to Amandas place for spring break yeah i finally get to see her....well maybe cause i miss her sooooo freakin much. It's just not the same without her here...in hot ass so-cal.

So i better go cause i think it's almost dinner time..



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So long! [07 Nov 2004|02:30pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

I feel so alone...like no one really cares.I feel so alone this pain i cannot bare. I feel like a bug that people step on. I hate how i feel at night when i cry my eyes out. I love the pain i get when i drive glass across my arm. I hate it when today i feel like dying. I guess it's not alright when people say it is.No one knows what i go through.

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Yeah i got the rev [31 Oct 2004|02:04pm]
Take the quiz: "Who Are You In Avenged Sevenfold?"

The Reverend
YOU ARE THE REVEREND! You play amazing backing beats on your drum set.Though people don't notice you as much you kick major ass in your own little way!

The rev rocks he's such a nice guy.
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lyrics... [31 Oct 2004|01:56pm]
[ mood | angry ]

Lead to the river
Midsummer, I waved
A 'V' of black swans
On with hope to the grave
All through Red September
With skies fire-paved
I begged you appear
Like a thorn for the holy ones

Cold was my soul
Untold was the pain
I faced when you left me
A rose in the rain
So I swore to the razor
That never, enchained
Would your dark nails of faith
Be pushed through my veins again

Bared on your tomb
I am a prayer for your loneliness
And would you ever soon
Come above unto me?
For once upon a time
From the binds of your lowliness
I could always find
The right slot for your sacred key

Six feet deep is the incision
In my heart, that barless prison
Discolours all with tunnel vision
Sick and weak from my condition
This lust, a vampyric addiction
To her alone in full submission
None better

Nymphetamine, nymphetamine
Nymphetamine girl
Nymphetamine, nymphetamine
My nymphetamine girl

Wracked with your charm
I am circled like prey
Back in the forest
Where whispers persuade
More sugar trails
More white lady laid
Than pillars of salt
(Keeping Sodom at night at bay)

Fold to my arms
Hold their mesmeric sway
And dance to the moon
As we did in those golden days

Christening stars
I remember the way
We were needle and spoon
Mislaid in the burning hay

Bared on your tomb
I am a prayer for your loneliness
And would you ever soon
Come above unto me?
For once upon a time
From the binds of your lowliness
I could always find
The right slot for your sacred key

Six feet deep is the incision
In my heart, that barless prison
Discolours all with tunnel vision
Sick and weak from my condition
This lust, a vampyric addiction
To her alone in full submission
None better

None better

Nymphetamine, nymphetamine
Nymphetamine girl
Nymphetamine, nymphetamine
My nymphetamine girl

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K you guys have to look at this picture!! [18 Oct 2004|05:24pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Haha it's a picture of eric i stole it from Santanas website cause Me and joy were looking at it...it's halarious.


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Great? [16 Oct 2004|07:13pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Haha i stole this from Amanda...isin't it great?

What Member of avenged sevenfold will fuck you? by inbedwithdavey
Who fucks youThe reverand
How many times81
Number of stds93
Fuck onMay 16, 2021
Quiz created with MemeGen!
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Hello,see i finally get to update [15 Oct 2004|07:59pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

Well my day was pretty much the same old thing...well except this week was Spirit week and heres the line up:
Sophmores:Shrek I didn't realy care for it
Freshmen(me):Annie ours was so gay all the little freshmen that dressed up like orphans were singing and saying "we want an advisor" it was gay!!
Juniors:Mario there's were really cool cause they had fucked up Mario mucis like it was Mario music mixed in with some disco
Seniors(theirs were the best):Nightmare before christmas.I think over all they had the best one.I mean they put on like a little mini-play and all that it was great and they had pumpkins,grave stones, it was pimp daddy roos.

Well that about it for my boring ass week nothing much else happened
p.s.Tiffany(the coolest cousin ever) call me one day i stil hope you have my number because I hjavent talked to ya in awhile well thats if you can or I'll call you.

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Biotch!!!!!!!!!!!! [11 Oct 2004|05:12pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Lyrics lyrics lyrics...
would say I'm sorry
If I thought that it would change your mind
But I know that this time
I've said too much
Been too unkind

I try to laugh about it
Cover it all up with lies
I try and
Laugh about it
Hiding the tears in my eyes
'cause boys don't cry
Boys don't cry

I would break down at your feet
And beg forgiveness
Plead with you
But I know that
It's too late
And now there's nothing I can do

So I try to laugh about it
Cover it all up with lies
I try to
laugh about it
Hiding the tears in my eyes
'cause boys don't cry

I would tell you
That I loved you
If I thought that you would stay
But I know that it's no use
That you've already
Gone away

Misjudged your limits
Pushed you too far
Took you for granted
I thought that you needed me more

Now I would do most anything
To get you back by my side
But I just
Keep on laughing
Hiding the tears in my eyes
'cause boys don't cry
Boys don't cry
Boys don't cry

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Sry for the lack of updates [11 Oct 2004|04:51pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

My internet is still fucked up so I can't update so I'm over at Joy's supposedly typing up my "essay" for my gay English class.
K so about me.....where do i start.
Things have been getting worse.Everytime I'm alone i find my self crying or contiplating what is wrong with me.Oh well life can't always be perfect right.

K well I think I'm goign to type my essay up sry for the short post I'll post whenever I get the chaNCE.

p.s.My hair is pink

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New background... [03 Oct 2004|02:51am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I changed my background to S.T.U.N. and it's sick. So check it out you guys....please.

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